What is a Composed Function Object?

I’m using the Dynanimator package to try to streamline walkthrough workflows but am stumbling on the first step. The geometry and paths all seem to go into the custom node fine, returning a composed function without any errors. Reading the project’s help page I assumed it would output the images directly to the file path location but unfortunately it just kind of stops. I’m not sure if I’m missing some steps or if the code is just out of date for Dynamo 1.3.2? Has anyone tried making a flythrough with the OOTB nodes? I’m on REVIT 2017.2.

It’s very likely that those nodes aren’t compatible with Dynamo 1.3 - I’ve meant to re-work that (ancient) package for a while now but there’s only so much time…

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Hmm… That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the update. On to plan B!