What happens here with my coordinates


What is going on here and how can i prevent it?


Looks like a rounding in your “watch” node as this only shows 3 digits.

When deconstructing you are shown the entire value (mind the “e-30”). This is as close to 0 as it can be…

If you wish to avoid it you can round your values to 3 digits :slight_smile:

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it’s something related to numerical calculations on dynamo, use code block to round the value Math.Round(num,digit)

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did you make that point in revit?
Align the Z value with project base point (and the project base point needs to be aligned with the revit internall point)
Sometimes i have the same problem with elevations.
It is possible that the problem returns after a while

Hi @Nico_Stegeman

Those points are boundingbox min points
I’m trying to make a graph for what we call kozijnenboekje (in dutch) which is creating sheets for my doors and windows btw.
I was in the process of creating reference planes on my geometry boundingbox for dimensioning.