Vector.Y incorrect value?

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but why would Vector.Y be reporting -7.x?

So strange a math.round function fixes it.

I come across this sometimes as well. Notice that it’s not -7 but actually a very close number to 0 (note the E-15 scientific notation on the end). I think Dynamo and Revit have ever so slight misalignments in dimension precision sometimes. As you found, a round solves it, usually to a few decimal places will fix scientifically notated errors.

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Yeah, but the E=15 in scientific is just how many places to move the decimal, so 0 is somehow coming out as .00 (x13)7105… Just seems a bit unnerving!

It’s just from translating the value from Revit to Dynamo. This is very common. The number is 0 for all real world intents and purposes. Even if you wrote it back to Revit, the value is way beyond Revit’s precision and would be handled as 0. There’s nothing to worry about, but you do need to round in order to compare it against other values.