What do we need to start generative design - refinery project?

Hi everyone, how can i start a project as shown in the dynamo bim advertising ?

I cannot attach the gif file, so i copied the link. In the link you will see that the blocks change the size and shape per our desired goal.
Do i need a library of blocks like families in revit ? please help, i am intrigued by this topic, and would like to learn more about it. Thanks everyone!

Start by going through the Dynamo Primer in its entirety. Skip nothing as it’s not the outcomes which you are after but the methods to get there. This is linked in the generative design primer which you posted above.

Then go through the generative design primer in it’s entirety. Skip nothing as it’s not the outcomes but the methods once again.

This should prime you to build similar routines.

Thank you Jacob, i am not a software developer but i am interested in this topic and want to get better and good with it. I have been looking for the in class Dynamo and its associate programs course. Do you have any trusted or certified by Autodesk sources that i can perhaps look into and find myself a class. Thank you very much for the answer.

Here is a good, (free) starting point to learning Dynamo.

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Autodesk doesn’t endorse classes per say, but the Dynamo Primer will give you what you need.