Generative Design Tutorial

Where can I find a practical tutorial on generative design for Alias?

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No alias specific examples come to mind - did you have a use case in mind?

Where can I find any examples of Generative Design using Dynamo? The few videos I could find at Autodesk website used Fusion 360 than Alias.

I’m very new at the topic. Could someone please tell me whether this video covers Generative Design in the end? Here would ‘Computational Design’ be the same or related to 'Generative Design"?

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Try the Refinery beta as it’s what you’ll likely be using.

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As a very basic run-down, Computational Design is where you use logic, math and algorithms to design… where you "compute" the design. Think of the mathematics behind how to build an nGon (Need a point to place it, a radius, the number of sides you wish to dissect your circle into, then placement of lines to create said nGon), or the randomization of tree’s on a plot of land, or the sequential changing of hole size in a car grille.

Generative Design is where you design the framework within which the optimal Design can be found. You define the input parameters, the desired outputs and then through a series of generators, evaluators and ranking let the system "evolve" your design closer and closer towards an optimal outcome - typically with a tension between outputs. Think of wanting to have the largest building volume possible (For net lettable area to make a profit on), but traded off against the smallest surface area (As glazing may be the most expensive component to build said building).

Dynamo is an ecosystem that allows for Computational Design, Workflow Automation and provides the backing logic to Generative Design, where the algorithm that "evolves" the design sits inside the Refinery plugin. For more information have a read of