What Detail Level does Dynamo convert Revit Geometry from?

I was curious what detail level dynamo converts revit geometry from.
for example on a structural beam has 3 levels of detail and two different
cross sections
as shown in the example below. “fine” was turned on for the structural beam but
“medium” was extracted from the beam solids to dynamo
Any thoughts on input?

Hello @Marcello,

Dynamo uses the default detail level in the API, which is medium

Have a look here:

And here, The source code of Dynamo does not give any specific view options for the geometry: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/blob/Revit2017/src/Libraries/RevitNodes/Elements/Element.cs

/// <summary>
/// Extract the Revit GeometryObject's from a Revit Element
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
internal IEnumerable<Autodesk.Revit.DB.GeometryObject> InternalGeometry(bool useSymbolGeometry = false)

    var thisElement = InternalElement;

    var goptions0 = new Options { ComputeReferences = true };

    var geomElement = thisElement.get_Geometry(goptions0);

    // GenericForm is a special case
    if ((thisElement is GenericForm) && (!geomElement.Any()))
        var gF = (GenericForm)thisElement;
        if (!gF.Combinations.IsEmpty)
            var goptions1 = new Options
                IncludeNonVisibleObjects = true,
                ComputeReferences = true
            geomElement = thisElement.get_Geometry(goptions1);

    return CollectConcreteGeometry(geomElement, useSymbolGeometry);

I see
I am curious how many Dynamo users know this.
If that is the case then it should be 100% clear what Revit is extracting
No where is this stated in the “conversion nodes from Dynamo to Revit”
To the Dynamo Developers

I would recommend that a description be placed on these nodes and…
that an input port be placed on these nodes
to give the option of changing the detail level conversion

That way it notifies users that there is only a medium level that is extracted and not a fine or course which may be their assumption. And if they are not informed then they may be making decisions on incorrect data.

See my recommendations in the image below

Hi @Marcello
You should take a look at these great nodes from Clockwork :

They allow you to be more specific about the geometry you want to get and pick your detail level