Weird Mass from Room result

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TEST.Room.Mass.Fire.dyn (99.0 KB)

I’ve been trying to convert a set of Rooms to Mass with a little help from the attached graph.
Funnily, enough the graph works although as a result one Mass element remains stubbornly Navy rather than changing its colour, like the rest of its brethren, to that that matches the filter.
Why? I have no idea, I’ve remove unplaced Rooms which I had thought might have caused the issue to no avail. The navy Mass stays Navy and every time i create a new set it still comes up as Navy. I delete the room, create a new one, the Navy Mass is back with vengeance.

I am hoping that someone may point an obvious flaw in my script that may be the root of that “evil”!


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@M4RC3L Can you share the Revit file with 2- 3 rooms (only) including the bad one?


Sadly, I can’t share the model, it is a hush-hush project, although a few rooms shouldn’t really matter. However, I’ve realised that some rooms were rubbish, some walls and ceiling interfaces were not as they should. I’ve corrected it and it seems to be working!

Fire Rating Instance filter

Zone Name filter

Graph - surely it can be improved

If the graph is working as intended now it would be best if you just quickly mentioned what the issue was and marked the topic as solved.


Thank you Nick,

The problem was with some of the rooms. Even though the walls were Room Bounding some of them were not joined correctly. Once the walls and ceilings have been corrected to join correctly the graph works correctly. Also, there was a graphic override under Mass in Model Tab in the View Template - this has also has been removed.