Weird Level name

I’m extracting the level names from areas and Dynamo returns this…

Any idea why would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



I can’t know exactly what’s happening there without seeing the family instance from which those parameters derive. It seems like what is happening is that some of the parameters are stored as strings and some are stored as Element Ids. The ones that are stored as strings will show up in a watch as “Level 1”, and the ones that are stored as Element Ids (i.e. in the Revit interface they show up in the properties dialogue as a drop-down), come out looking like “Level(Name=Level…”. If the parameter’s storage type is ElementId, then Dynamo will try to find that Element Id in the document and wrap the Element with a Dynamo element. What you’re seeing for that one Level with the extended name, is the string representation of Dynamo’s Level class which prints the level’s name and the level’s elevation as well.


Here’s the rvt and the dyn. I have 6 basic areas to test something :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help