Account broken

I changed jobs and wanted to update my account. I had an account thru my previous autodesk account which was ties to my last employers email. I hastily created a new account with my new email. I probably should have done this differently. I sent someone a pm about merging or switching accounts but didn’t hear anything back. I then thought I could just log into my new account change the email to a personal email and then change my old account to the new work email. I thought I probably solved the issue so I deleted the new account. However when I try to log in under the new work email instead of logging in it trys to create a new account and because the email is taken by the old account I can’t do anything.

I had to make this account on my phone because I don’t know how to stop the browser on my computer from automatically trying to sign-in/create and account off of an email that’s taken by my old and preffered account.

I’m guessing that this has something to do with the account being tied to autodesk. Is there anyway to get my old account to tie into my new autodesk account and new company email?

@Kulkul may be able to help here.

@Crapaiaccountbroken Can you ping me directly and provide me the account you own and email you owned, after verification we may be able to help.

This my sound stupid but I can’t seem to find a way to pm you. Don’t know if it’s a phone thing or not but the closest I could get is looking at my messages. There’s nowhere I can see that allows me to send one via post, my account page, or other’s account page. Could this be a new account limitation?

Started a message for both of you. Cody please reply here when it’s fixed.