[WEBINAR] Dynamo for Civil 3D: Transportation and Site Design

Has anyone here got the sample scripts yet which were shown in webinar and discussed that scripts will get shared after the webinar ?

Try this link.

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Check this post:

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Ciao Paolo,
i downloaded dynamo samples for c3d version 2020. i’ll ask you 2 things:
-using AutoCAD_Python_PSet_DumpPropertySetDefinitionsToJSON.dyn no information of the lists is exported. Is it correct or am I wrong? I’m not getting any errors?

  • among the shared samples is there no more “create list from CSV”?

thank you in advance for your reply,

@davide.clauser I’ve updated the definition of the Python module in the Civil 3D Beta forum hoping that it would picked up by the product team…pset_utils.py (20.6 KB) pset_serialization.py (5.5 KB)

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Thank you Paolo… everything is working well. I really appreciate what you do to share knowledge on c3d

Hi Paolo,
i downloaded the dynamo samples and replaced the old pset_utils.py and pset_serialization.py.

  • using AutoCAD_Python_PSet_DumpPropertySetDefinitionsToJSON.dyn the information of the list is now getting exported as intended!
    Now i used AutoCAD_Python_Pset_CreatePropertySetDefinitionsByJSON.dyn. The PropertySets got created but the list didn’t!
    I didn’t get any errors! Do you have an Idea why this is happening?
    Is there a new Version?

Thanks in advance for your reply

AutoCAD_Python_PSet_CreateListDefinitionByCSV.dyn (5.8 KB)

In this video you mentioned that the PropertySet to JSON Dump does not support formulas but might in the future…is this now supported?

Hi Paolo

Where can we download OCS_CHAT_RAIL.csv for Rail?

Hello Everyone,
I’ve tried a rail_Concrete_Ties Dynamo script. It works great, but I have one question: how i can rotate sleeper if I have rail cant? Thanks.

@Romualdas_Karuzis download the Civil 3D Toolkit and use these nodes

Hi Paolo

I don’t find OCS_CHAT_RAIL.csv for Rail in your link.
Where can I Download it Please?


I don’t find OCS_CHAT_RAIL.csv for Rail in your link.
Where can I Download it Please?

Did you get this to work?
Looks like I’m getting the same problem.
the ‘Dump’ dyn gives me a json with the lists,
but its not coming trough in the ‘Create’ dyn,
in the pset_utils ‘def create_ps_definitions_json(jsonpath):’
the jpsd.Lists stays empty…

Hello all,

I know I am probably late to ask this question, but where can I download dynamo samples Case 01, 02,etc? I am specially interested in Case 09, is not within the sample library I got from the app, and the link you kindly posted is no longer available, please see image below:

Kind regards,

Hi Paolo,

I have tried to implement this nodes in the script but I was not able. Is it possible to find the complete grapth anywhere?

Thanks in advance

Best to start a new thread with a sample graph and data set to reproduce with, as this thread is intended for news of the webinar not help with a specific issue.

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