[WEBINAR] Dynamo for Civil 3D: Transportation and Site Design

Hi All,

If you missed our webinar on June 26th, you can view it now on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqEg7XbvnL4&t=1s

We introduced Dynamo for Civil 3D with the release of Civil 3D 2020. Dynamo for Civil 3D is a visual scripting platform built for engineers, architects, and designers to process simple, repetitive, or complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

By popular demand, Autodesk is hosting a live demo of Dynamo for Civil 3D in action – we’ll show you how you can use design automation to expedite site design and transportation design workflows. In this free webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Navigating the Dynamo workspace
  • Introducing the library of nodes and sample scripts available
  • Adding nodes to scripts and linking nodes
  • Customizing scripts
  • Working with external data files
  • Automating transportation design:
    • Highway corridor modeling, placing objects along a corridor
    • Creating objects by region; adding guardrails along a retaining wall
  • Automating site design:
    • Creating access ramps along sidewalks
    • Creating custom point reports

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I attended this webinar, and it was mentioned that the script examples where going to be shared. I am simply replying to this thread in hopes to get a notification when those samples are posted.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the interest! I hope you found the webinar useful. I’ll follow up with Paolo, the webinar presenter and let you know.


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Here is the recording of the webinar http://civil-community.autodesk.com/2019/06/webinar-computational-design-for-civil-engineers-using-dynamo-for-civil-3d/

The slide deck (.Pdf, 5MB) LINK
The Dynamo graphs (.Zip, 150kB) LINK
The BPMN 2.0 Diagrams (.Zip, 20kB) LINK
Dataset Rail (.Zip, 16MB) LINK
Dataset Roads (.Zip, 45MB) LINK
Dataset Site/Land Development (.Zip, 19MB) LINK


Dear Paolo, something I miss in this webinar is how to share and modify information. I would like to know how to Export/import/ create/ change property sets of civil3d elements, specially solid property sets.
Is it possible to create them in excel, or other way and then bring them into civil 3d model, as we proceed in Revit?
I watched the example case 09, but this example is not as clear as I expected. Maybe some video tutorial can explain better how it works specially the .JSON file. I will follow investigating and hopefully in AU Autodesk or in next webinar might be some contribution according to some real road problem, about information dynamo and property sets.
If you have some example or description it would
be great to share!
Thank you very much
Best regards


Hi Javier,

I understood property sets are not available (out of the box) at this time. If this changes, we’ll make an announcement. Thanks for your interest!

Hi everyone, you can view the video recording now available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqEg7XbvnL4&t=1s


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Hi Paolo,

Thanks for sharing!

Please, resend or update the BPMN 2.0 Diagrams file / link as it is the same as the Dynamo Graphs file/link.

Thanks in advance.

Regardz, Edward

Javier, I’ll put together a video that explains how to use the examples shipped with Dynamo. I also posted an update to the pset folder on the Civil 3D Futures Portal to take care of Lists in Property Sets. As Annie mentioned, these functionalities will migrate from Python to out of the box Dynamo nodes in a future release.


Fixed it! thanks Edward

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Here is the link to a video that covers Property Sets samples in Dynamo for Civil 3D LINK


Great video tutorial Paolo! I will prove it on the real world immediately.
Thanks a lot for your attention and dedication.


Many thanks Paolo. Where can we download the Case 05 - Create list definition by CSV?

@enrique.sg you can access to the Civil 3D Futures Portal, under the dedicated Dynamo forum. This is the link for you to subscribe Click here to join the Autodesk Civil 3D Futures Program

Once you are in, you can visit this thread to download the dataset LINK


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Hi Paolo, great that you shared the datasets from the webinar. I’m trying to create the Rail Cables using your script but combined with the Rail dwg it doesn’t work. I think the problem is in the units in the DWG, it’s in FEET. Do you also have a METRIC version available?

Here is the problem using imperial stationing and the node is seeing these values as text instead of double numbers?

Drop the “+” and replace it with nothing. Then convert the string to double.

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Thanks Keith, It’s working perfect. Nice!