Web Shared Space / Formit 360

Working through some relatively simple Massing / Parametric Definitions based on a Design Program to visualize the building Geometry.

I have an issue where the Dynamo Studio Definitions work fine and I can share this to the web with no errors.

However once I open this in either the Web Browser of Formit 360 it breaks. Upon downloading the DYN I see the issue. See attached screen shot original on the left after Shared on the Web on the right. What is causing the Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFromPoint to be removed from the definition.

@Mike_Engel1- Would you mind sending over the dyn file? We will need it to debug the issue. You can message me directly if you don’t want to upload the dyn to this post.

@Mike_Engel1 - After looking closely at your graph that you sent me. It looks like a few things are causing issues:

  • When “Sending to Web…”, List.Create nodes are failing to serialize properly. We are trying to figure out what is going wrong, and will try to fix soon. This is happening for all nodes and will fail on every graph you make with List.Create. It is suggested that you use Code Block Nodes and place your inputs into curly brackets like this {x,y,z} to make a list.

  • Some nodes list Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthByPoint are not in the web editor yet. They will not work properly until they are. We are working on trying to resolve this.

To resolve the issues with your particular graph, I have sent you via email a graph with alternative nodes and the List.Create workaround. Hope this helps.

These issues should have been resolved with the recent 1.1 release. Let us know if you are still seeing any issues with List.Create or Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthByPoint nodes.