Advanced Dynamo Curriculum

Greetings Dynamo Community,

Mode Lab has released a course on advanced topics in Dynamo:

This was an interesting project for us, and we look forward to developing more on the Dynamo front. Stay tuned for more!


Great tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

But I am unable to open the dataset for the tutorial with my Revit 2014…would any one know what the problem is?

I had the same issue I think, was it the error saying it was created in a later version? I upgraded to Revit 2015 and they open just fine.

I’ve been having trouble with Unit 2: Family by Point. My Surface.PointAtParameter isn’t generating a grid even when I check for cross product lacing, I just get a single cyan point at 0,0. This is when using the downloaded datasets for the tutorial so it cant be a mistake I’ve made? I’ve tried restarting, is there any known bugs/errors with this part of the tutorial?

I have attached Watch nodes to the Code Block and all appears to be working fine there, the U and V values are getting generated correctly. It just seems to be the Surface.PointAtParameter node that isn’t working

It looks Great !!

Simon, thank you for pointing that out. This appears to have been caused by a change in the “Select Face” node, which returns an array instead of a single item. I’ve filed a bug report internally to fix this (MAGN-5080).

In the meantime, you can fix it by using a “List.FirstItem” node to pick out the one item from the list containing one item.


Here’s the updated dyn file: Part-02-Family-By-Point.dyn

Thanks Colin