Curtain wall creation on dynamo surface

I was trying to create geometry watching this video.

but i am confused in the facade creation. I cannot find a node ‘curve.dividebydistance’ which outputs a ‘curve’. so i was trying to workout with ‘Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLength’ which outputs a point.

  1. Is this correct.
  2. i am attaching the dyn along. can u look whats wrong?

Difficult to say, for sure in the last node the points are not correct because points 1,3,4 are exactly the same.
That might be because in the code blocks hor_div you also provide the same input for node 1,3,4.
Take a look if those inputs are correct

thanks @ lucamanzoni, now its working. but since i dont have the earlier said node, the adaptive family is not placed in the starting column.

where can i get this node ‘curve.dividebydistance’ which outputs a ‘curve

@divinchiramel could you post your dyn or a link to it?

link attached