Weave or Merge several jagged sublists

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I have several lists with either one or many sub-lists. I would like to merge the lists together such that each set of corresponding sub-lists are added to the end (or start) of the first list. I don’t want new lists to be created. Each of the options i have tried (List.Combine, List.Join, List.Create) result in extra lists rather than adding the items to the list.

List.AddItemToEnd almost works, however i would like to node/function "List.AddMultipleItemsToEnd to avoid copy pasting nodes.

See image of simplified example below and the desired output
Forum won’t let me attach .dyn file yet.

Any tips greatly appreciated!


I fixed it by repeating the last list, and joining using a python node.

see screen cap below:



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Hello, there also useful information about lists in the Primer if needed:

Thanks, I missed that section. some nice graphical explanations!

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Here are two more alteratives for you!

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