Creating Sublists of List

Hey Everyone,

I apologize if this has already been covered; however, my google attempts seem to have failed me.

I’ trying to combine two lists in a specific way.
First, I’ve a single list with X items.
I’ve a second list of Y items with sub lists X items.

I need to take the first list of items and insert it within the second list within it’s sub list.

For Example:

I need all the items in the first list to be woven into the sub lists of the second list and repeated in every sublist

I hope this is clear, I’m still relatively new to Dynamo

Thanks in advance

You can possibly do it with AddItemToFront and @Level adjustments.
See here related documentation:

Like @Yna_Db mentioned:

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Thanks for the replies.

I kept searching and found a method using a custom node block such as:

This actually worked perfectly and gave me the result I needed.

This can not be the solution of any problem here because it was not exposed correctly at first. But I am glad anyway that you found what you need. Could you please send the link to the post where you found it? To fit the general guidelines of the forum, it will be better next time that you search first and post your graph only when you encounter issues. Thanks :slight_smile:

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MIchealR, What did you use for ListA, CountA and CountB?