WC'door open looking straight to the toilet

Hi. Can anyone suggest me this situation.How can i check the toilet that when I open the door I will look straight at? I am trying to extend the boundary of door but it seem like impossible with other door opening direction.

  1. take the door’s geometry and filter the solids
  2. create a boundingbox around it
  3. take the plane in X-direction of the boundingbox (x-direction is equal to horizontal in your picture)
  4. create a vector from the normal of that plane
  5. see if it intersects with the toilet

Sorry because i just sent an example picture.With plan have many WC it will stuck at step 3 because of having X and Y or more directions.

have a look here

and download the bim4struc package, part of this workflow is about getting the vectors i described

Hi @Tram,

You could compare the location of the families reference planes : Center (Left/Right) and group by distance with Springs.Geometry.GroupByDistance node to find almost aligned doors and toilets.
You can then add a dimension to visualize the difference between the 2 reference planes.

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Thank you so much Alban!. it’s great way, but it’s seem difficult to work when i have more than one WC in a plan. How do you think?


Of course, with a small adjustment it will work with multiple WC.
Pay attention of the margin input in Springs.Geometry.GroupByDistance node. The units of my Revit example are millimeters.(so my arbitrary tolerance is 50 mm)



P.S : The Springs.Geometry.GroupByDistance node doesn’t seem to work if I mix horizontal and vertical toilets so you have still an adaptation to do.