Element's Clash with Door swings


Is there a way to detect clash between a Door Swing (Door existing in the Linked model) and an element?
I tried using Bimorph’s bounding box intersect node, but it doesn’t considers the swing and only work if the element is completely in Door’s place.

Is there a geometry that represents the swinging door? You can create a box inside your door family (e.g. required door clearance - be mindful of its visibility and graphics in your projects) and then use it for grabbing bbox and intersection.

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Can I create it from within dynamo? I do not want to do editing in individual families via Revit.

I would not recommend it due to complexity.
Do you know which way the door swings (inward or outward)? if both ways, you can get the door location point and rotation and build a box on it (length = 2x door width, width = door width, height = door height). If one way, you have to find out which way it swings and I do not know if your family has any parameter to help finding this. Either way, assuming both ways is simpler and more logical because doors often need clearance on both side to facilitate circulation.

Also note that, bounding box is always parallel to project xyz axes, so if you have a door that is rotated on plan, bounding box may not give you the smallest box.