Warning System.IOFileLoadException assembly : Xceed.Wpf.AvalonDock

I have a little problem
I got a warning:

They assembly : Xceed.Wpf.AvalonDock is something from Archi-lab package @Konrad_K_Sobon

i use Revit 2019.2 and dynamo 2.02

Are you noticing issues, I believe these errors are ignorable.

Also, it seems Konrad may be working on a fix via View Extension. https://github.com/ksobon/archilab/commit/7b990f57f3cbc89c3b70e2281e84572a2cffefcf

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I also have these strange message:

by the way. If i delete the 4 avalon.dll files in archi-lab folder i don’t get the warning system.io.fileloadexception

Hmm, I would say to not delete those. :grin:

Konrad posted an update this morning. Seems like he is working through it.

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Hi @Nico_Stegeman Yes, this particular warning can be ignored because none of these DLLs is needed at the exact version that was attempted to be loaded into Dynamo. The version that is available in Dynamo (v3.0.0) is just fine. They should not be causing any issues.

Also, I am working through some potential fixes. I will most likely just remove the dependency all together. It’s too much hassle.

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yes, because dynamo doesn’t attempt to load in the files, and doesn’t encounter the issue. since it already loaded different versions of these specific dlls (Revit uses them as well as Dynamo itself), the issue goes away.

Now, the Image you are showing is a different issue altogether. It’s related to the Helix toolkit dlls. Does any of the packages you use, has that Helix dll in their bin folder?

Just download this version:


This should get rid of the warnings.


Thanks Konrad

Problem solved!
No more warnings.

I could not find that Helix dll.
At the moment i don;t have that helix warning.

Hello Konrad

For youre information:
I found the other problem / warning (Helix wpf sharp.)
File juggler is causing the other warning. When i turn filejuggler off, the warning is gone after restart Dynamo.

@Nico_Stegeman This software you are referring to, it doesn’t belong to me. There is nothing that I can do here. Please contact them or Dynamo development team. @Michael_Kirschner2

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what are you doing with FileJuggler?

FileJuggler is just a program what is watching some of my maps and files. And rename and reorgonize things. It has nothing to do with Dynamo or Revit. It is just running at the background.

But somehowe it has sometimes affect on Dynamo

I also have a RPA robot running. But that is not causing any problem.

Are you watching any of Dynamo’s directories with file juggler, direct x, system directories?

No file juggler is not watching Dynamo directories, direct x or system directories.

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