Wall Type Property Parameters from Excel

I have a lot of wall types and Type parameters that are text. The goal here is to be able to use excel to input the text values for each different type.

My problem right now is that I am just having issues finding nodes which will set the Type parameters of walls. Any direction would be great. I can set global parameters easy with nodes and force the type parameter to use the global, but I dont want to go down this route cause I would like to edit these values later using schedules.

What are you attempting right now? Can you show us your graph so we have an idea of where you’re headed? Type parameters are only available to family/element types so you have to get the Wall Type either from the instance or from the Element Types.

Attached stuff : Apologize for it being a cluster, I am a novice to scripting and in the tinkering phase on this script.

Correction: these are Project Type parameters I created for walls. I would like to be able to use excel to input the texts parameters because there is going to be many many different wall types eventually.

I dont have problems importing from excel, its setting the values of these parameters to something different from each wall type. I can’t find a node to set the values to begin with.


Parametertest2.dyn (85.7 KB)

element.SetParameterByName. Then you can use your list of walls at list lvl 1, and the list of parameters and a list of those values at lvl 2.

The node is a pain to find in the quick search. Use the larger search bar in the top left


Thanks so much.

That works for Instance Project parameters.
Can’t get it to do “Type” Project parameters…

The instance will get me by, but In the end we would have multiple walls of the same type. If we needed to edit the parameter it would have to be edited on all instances. Wish you could set a Type Project parameter.

Thanks again this gets me moving forward!

As I said, type parameters are only available to the type, they do not exist for the instance. You would have to get the type from the instance or start with Wall Types from the Element Types node.

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Oh my god thank you ! that did it! Makes sense now!