Wall Type Description Parameter to Project Wall Type Parameter?

I have been looking all afternoon for posts related to placing wall types in my template (so I can use an adding like DiRoots Sheetlink or CTC Spreadsheet Link to copy parameter values and import into my project) to just getting the Description Parameter from all wall types in my document (Template file) and none of the solutions have worked as a good start. I tried using Konrads Pythin script from 2015 and I get errors that I am not familiar with. So then I tried to find some nodes that might allow me to get the parameter other ways. None have worked.

What is the easiest way for me to get the Description parameter values from my template file so that I can import them into my project, essentially overwriting the project parameter information in the walls there? The wall types are all the same, named the same.

FYI, I am using the Description parameter in a schedule to make my Wall Partition Type legend, in case you wanted to know why I am trying to do this.

I think the only two ways to do this would be to create a Dynamo script to get the parameters that I can then export to an excel spreadsheet or write a Dynamo script that would place one instance of every wall family that I have in a view so I could use DiRoots or CTC spreadsheet tools to import.

Any help is much, much appreciated in advance.

I can remake my two or three scripts and post them here if it would help.


Easiest solution is probably as you mention, to export types and descriptions to excel, then another script to take that excel and import the data, make it a dictionary and then assign parameters to types as required. There’s probably a nicer or more efficient way to handle it, but that’s relatively straightforward to do and even a Dynamo novice could sling it together relatively quickly.

I must be worst than a Dynamo novice lol. I will have to try and figure it out. Thanks for your reply!