Wall Surface Area by Room Unbounded Height

Hi All,
I have been working on a script which pulls rooms from a model, extrudes up their height based off the parameter of “Unbounded Height”, gets the areas of the resultant surfaces, fills in empty field values to create a list and then populates an excel spreadsheet with the room name, each wall area and the number of walls with a title at the top.

And till now I have managed to get the desired result and getting the wall surface area of a room but I am wondering if there is a way to get the doors/windows/Opening surface areas within the room and deduct from the room surface areas.

I am attaching my simple test project and Dynamo script to have a look for easy testing.
Please let me know if there is a solution.
Wall-Surface-Area-By-Room-Height.rvt (1.7 MB)
Wall-Surface-Area-By-Room-Height.dyn (44.8 KB)

Hello. Clockwork have nodes for that “room windows/doors” then just get width/heigh windows parameter for get area and substract from wall area…but many ways :wink: that way here you dont have to find windowsfaces or perimetercurves and extrude for substraction with room surface


I have done this before by getting all inserts in wall, temporarily deleting them, getting the area and then comparing it to the normal area.

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you could really build i up as well if you want the cut in your room surface in geometry…but a much harder way, but depends what you will use it for

I would do a check first
If there are Roombounding Ceilings/Floors in every Room above the Unbounded Height,
In other words, Unbounded Height wasn’t high enough for that Room in the beginning
Nice exercise :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply.
I have checked Doors/Windows nodes from Clockwork. it is only giving Type information not the Area (Width x Height).

I am already getting the surface Areas of Door/Windows/Openings in my graph at the bottom but I am unable to substract the areas from the room’s wall surfaces.

Actually, I want to get the Area of Windows/Doors/Openings within a room and substract the total from room wall surface area where it occurs per room basis and export to excel.

Hello @aan …dont think you do as i suggest…try something

Thanks sovitek,
I have followed your graph. getting slightly different results. I have renamed the rooms with level prefix to identify the difference.

  1. Room Name order is not correct.
  2. I am getting Room number also with room name.
    I am using Revit 2019 & Dynamo 1.3.4

what if we have Door Openings as generic model?
Is there a way to calculate generic door/window openings?

Hello…for separate name and number try this one…

for opening its a other approach…try a search here in the forum about that there should be a tons of post :wink:

The separate name an number issue is resolved when I use Dynamo 2.3.0 version. There seems to be a problem with 1.3.4 version which I was using previously.

I have used List.SortByKey node to sort rooms by level and it is working for rooms only. how do i sort the Doors/Windows list to match room list. The highlighted area should match as shown in the snapshot below.

Attaching script also for testing.
_Wall-Surface-Area-By-Room-Height_2.3.0.dyn (79.4 KB)

I have opened your graph…i can see you dont do as i show…try to rebuild it the same way i showed in previous post…but think you mean something here…good luck

_Wall-Surface-Area-By-Room-Height_2.3.0.dyn (75.4 KB)

Thanks sovitek,
Yes I did some mistakes.
what you have sent looks great.
I will continue to explore more and try to get the generic opening as well.