Wall sleeves

I’ve created a script for floor sleeves that inserts a sleeves at every clashpoint where a pipe runs through a floor. Now I am trying to do the same for walls, but the sleeve family chooses the wrong face of the wall as a host. How do I get it to choose the right face?

Here is my script:

Here is what it’s doing:

It is really difficult to see what is wrong with your picture. I don’t see anything wrong. Can you post another picture, perhaps in realistic style?

did you try switching the revit family to see what happens?

The blue circle is what I want it to look like. The red circle is how dynamo is creating it. It’s using the bottom face of the wall as its host. Is there a way to get it to automatically recognize a different face?


It looks like your sleeve family is a hosted family. You will need to use a node for placing hosted elements.

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Okay I put in a hosted node, but I’m still getting the same result. I did notice though, that the elements are reporting a host now and were not before. Now, how would I get it to be hosted on a different face?


Browse the forums for other posts about hosted elements. Some nodes seem to work better in certain situations and they’re still not perfect. I think some of it also has to do with the orientation of the family in the family editor.