Inserting pipe sleeve family in a wall

Hey everyone,

I made a sleeve family to be inserted at the wall and pipe intersection point. The family is inserted as seen below, but how can i always make the family perpendicular to the wall and or parallel to the pipe. Currently, the sleeve is placed exactly where i want it, but the sleeve for pipes going north to south is being placed parallel to the wall. Can this be fixed through families or dynamo.

Thank you

You can find the angle of either the wall or the pipe and use that information to set the rotation of the pipe sleeve.
There are a hand full of available nodes you could use, but the two I use most are SetRotation (native) and Rotate Family from Archi-lab.

Hey thank you Nick, ill check those nodes out now.

Could you please share the Revit family for sleeve. Thank you.


Could you please share the Pipe Sleeve?
Thank you

Hey All,

I am facing same issue. Did you got any solution for this?