Wall Section Element ID Different

I am trying to grab wall sections in views and control their visibility. I am having issues and realized that in Revit it says my ID is different from what Dynamo is saying it is. So therefore it isn’t communicating right. They all appear to be 1 number off. Has anyone had this issue?

Select both of the elements by ID in both Dynamo and Revit and see what differences you notice. :slight_smile:

If I select by ID from the Dynamo ID, in Revit it says No Good view could be found. If I manually type in the ID that Revit says, it can find the section.Capture

Use the select by I’d feature to just select the element, not go to a view. :slight_smile:

When I put in the ID coming from Dynamo in Select by ID, it shows the correct section in properties, but doesn’t select the actual section. Is there another way to find the actual section cut in plan, to then be able to hide/unhide the actual cut?

What I’m trying to illustrate is that the section cut and the graphics which represent the section cut are two different things.

A conditional filter on the view is likely the best way to go here. ‘Is Alternative’ parameter to disable it on non-alternative sheets, enable it on the alternative sheets.

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I’m trying to avoid using just a filter for this. It is a very large project with a lot of views, some of which have a template applied, some of which don’t. Is there any way to be able to grab the graphics of the section on a sheet and hide that?

Likely you can get the if of the view and add one, hiding the graphics for each view. Alternatively you could work with the view tags instead of the view elements.

Keep in mind that just because Dynamo let’s you quickly do something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Should you need to issue a conform set showing the alternate as part of the base scope, you will now have to do similar work to unhide the view tags.

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Ah, subtracting one did the trick.

I agree with that. This is a particularly weird thing I’m having to account for in this project. It would take too long to explain, even if I feel like I could effectively explain it. Either way, I am setting it up where I can unhide all of the section graphics that I had just set to hide.

Thanks for the help!

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