Wall Reference is "null"

Hi All

I want to get Reference of wall, i try to Wall edges reference node but output is null.

please suggest me how to fix this.

Hi @robert12546358,

What kind of wall is it ?

The Wall Edges References node works with linked walls :

Thanks for reply,
Its just a simple default wall, and also I want side wall reference (left side and right side of wall)

Is the Genius Loci package up to date ?
Does it work with another random wall ?

I use a Basic wall.

I have never encountered this error with a basic wall.
Can you share your Revit file?

The Wall Edges References node is working fine.
Review your Dynamo method of selecting the wall.

After restart Revit its works fine, but I cant find a way to get the side wall reference (right side and left side of wall)

With the Compound Edges References node :

I want only two reference of those vertical references. one is left side & second is right side.