Wall Layer References

Trying to automatically dimension floor plans. For some reason using the node ‘Wall Layer References’ from the Geniusloci package is getting these 2 faces (same walltypes) as the Interior Wall Face:

This seems to happen when using the Exterior Wall Face:

Does anyone know what is going on here? Am I supposed to find the walls separately now and take different Wall Faces for each wall eventhough they are the same Walltypes? This solution will make the script not work properly on a different project unless I apply changes again.

Any way to take the Exterior Wall Face reference for real?

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Don’t have Revit or Dynamo open at the moment, but I thought Clockwork(?) had a node for Wall Layer References. I would test that node and see if you arrive at the same results.

If you do, something is up with the walls. If different results, then something is up with the node that you are using.

I think the Clockwork one did get the right layer of the walls, just can’t remember why I didn’t want to use that node. Will take a look later. The walls are normal Walltypes inside of Model Groups. Don’t think there is something up with the walls.

Clockwork has indeed a FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers node but it doesn’t produce references.

This error appears when the walls are mirrored.

The solution is to filter the mirrored walls and exchange the exterior and interior faces.

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Ahaa… “The solution is to filter the mirrored walls and exchange the exterior and interior faces”

If the problem is with mirrored elements then Im pretty sure this is the solution indeed. Thanks a lot once again @Alban_de_Chasteigner.
Will give it a try tomorrow and tag your reply as a solution.

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I’m having a bit of trouble of finding my mirrored walls. The walls are in Model Groups and I know which one is mirrored, but for some reason I have trouble finding the mirrored group or mirrored wall element inside the group.

When using the Group.IsMirrored node from the clockwork package, I am getting null values.

When using the FamilyInstance.isMirrored node from the clockwork package, I’m getting false values eventhough I am sure I just mirrored a wall which is in a model group. (Assuming it doesn’t recognize it’s mirrored since the element is in a model group?)

Also tried Flipcontrol.Boolean (RootNodes package) which is checking for flipped elements (tried it for the model groups & elements inside the model groups, both false values):

Anything I could try to get my mirrored model groups?
Or elements of course if that is easier to find.


Walls doesn’t have a mirrored property and have instead a Flipped property.
Use the Get Flipped Element node in the latest release of the Genius Loci package for the walls inside the model groups.

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Apparently I had an older version of the Genius Loci package, this node seems to do the job!
Thanks again @Alban_de_Chasteigner!

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