Finding wall face


I am using the Lunchbox Wall Element Collector to draw a boundary of walls. The Lunchbox node uses the wall locator line which is the center of the wall. I found a blog post on the building coder indicating it is possible through the api to find the finish boundary and even each layer of the wall and its width. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the skills to do that…wondering if by chance there is a dynamo node out there somewhere that might be doing that?


maybe have a look here:




Thank you Peter! That is exactly what I am looking for.


I noticed the Clockwork.WallLocationLine.FinishFaceInterior…how does one use that node? Between that and the Clockwork.FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers, I want to feed in exterior walls, find the interior face of them, figure out the structure of the wall and then draw an area boundary a given distance from the interior face.


The WallLocationLine nodes are for use with the Wall.ByFace node - they will not help you in your workflow.

I have never seen the LunchBox Room Collector return boundaries that are not located at the innermost finish face - are you sure that in your case they return the wall location lines? Alternatively try Room.Boundaries in package Clockwork - that should also return boundaries located at the innermost finish face.

Based on that you can indeed use FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers to compute your offset from the area boundary. The layers are always ordered from exterior to interior, so that should help…


Andreas, I am probably confusing things by coming at the same problem from two directions. In this case I am attempting to use walls and the lunchbox Wall Element Collector rather than rooms. I started by using rooms because it was easier to create a boundary, but I don’t think it will be sufficient for my ultimate goal of calculating areas from wall centerlines, or some core boundary based on how the wall is being used in a project. (for example, an exterior wall may not have the same wall type all around the building or offset distance from the interior face, so I am looking for a way to look at the wall type and set the offset accordingly). If I can do that, I can apply the logic to interior walls that sometimes will use centerline and other times use finish face, depending on how it is used. Does that make sense? I am open to suggestions!