Wall Location in Dynamo 2.13

I am trying to change the wall location in Dynamo 2.13, Revit 2023. But I got error.

Try Element.SetLocation instead.
Dynamo Dictionary (dynamobim.com)

Hi Jacob,
Thank you for your answer. I am not quite sure how to convert (WallCenterline, CoreCenterliner, CoreExterior, …) to geometri since Element.SetLocation wants a geometry as refrence. The walls that I am trying to change thier Wall location have diffrent positions and angels.

Ah! Sorry I read the post wrong. Try feeding a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3. Can’t recall the order but I think it’s 0 = Center, 1 = Exterior, etc.

It seems that it is not working on this version at all. It is probebly a bug that should be reported. I have tried both metods in older version and got it working without any problems.


Look on this side, see if you have installed the patch for your version

here are the Num as indicated by Mr. Jacob


Thank you for the answer Christian,
I have just installed the new update, but I still get the same error.

Sorry I thought the fix would do the trick


Can you confirm it works in 2022? If so please submit a support ticket at Manage.Autodesk.com.