Moving Walls

I was able to create wall geometry from Dynamo. I would like to in the future move it. I have in the past been able to move elements using the Element.SetLocation node, however, I can’t get it to work on walls. Does someone have a simple way to move walls instead of creating new walls?

Hi Danny,
Element.Set Location works for walls also.

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It might be how I’ve got it setup. I’m sending in a curve and then a list of elements. Would you mind letting me see the .dyn setup?

Thank you.

I think Element.SetLocation is looking for a point, not a curve.

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You need to send points not curves.

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Kulkul & Greg, Thank you.

where is Element.Location ?

I can not find it.!!!:confounded:

it’s in Clockwork Package

Sorry for dredging up an old topic but I can’t find another one.

What am I doing wrong?

Points has no output, curveEndpoints has an output but it doesn’t move the element (wall).

Oh, feeding it curves seems to work .