Wall intersection

Hi, i saw topic [ Insert pipe sleeve at wall intersection with rotation and size ] and i want to update it because bakery is outdate and have errors with new packages. I decided to base on bimorph nodes but here is a problem. I don’t know which node could get clash point like “revit element clash detection”. Am i correct that i think “Element Intersection Result Intersecting Elements” works like “Clash set A/B” in bakery node? Bellow my script on photos because i can’t place a file :confused:

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Second photo because i can post only one at post…

Hi and welcome!

What does the error say?

you can click the camera! make a pic of all! the whole graph!


Hi, which error?

Thank you, sorry i don’t know…


I need the output of the left node and the error of the right node.


I have a question to this node too.

How can i take the clash point from bimorph? Like in bakery node?

You need to clean you’re list with the list.clean node.
After that you need to check the parameter you ask. The error say that the parameter doesn’t exist.
I think it’s happend because you have empty lists.

You need to use one of this nodes:

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Thank you for your help! I rebuilt my script. I still have problems with Walls “Width”… but i work around and use curve lenght of intersection :slight_smile: i don’t have acces to my main model so i built a little one and use sprinkels as openings family. It works good but in some places my script places family two time at once… do you see the answer?

1.2v.dyn (132.9 KB)
Revit models:

Thanks. Which family do you want to place?
You can use the curve.length if you want :slight_smile: it is the same as the width of the wall.
I can’t find the Width parameter either

I want to place wall opening family:
RectangularWallOpening.rfa (448 KB)
Yeah i’m using curve length :smiley: thanks for advice!

But my problem is that script place family two times at ones :confused: do you have an idea what could be wrong? I think something with curve list… but i don’t know how to fix it.

Look, I found a old script. I changed it for you’re revit.
Lets give this a try :slight_smile:
1.2v.dyn (92.2 KB)


Thank you! Your dynamo looks good but i have an error… Your script place all families in one place :confused: i looked inside and as i see, i need to run script two times to get them to the right location. I will add element rotation tommorow and post the script here :slight_smile:

Hmm, try to use a transaction end or passthrough

Thank you for your time and sharing. I still feel bad that my script works bad. I need to learn more about lists… I aded rotation. Here is the file:
1.2v.dyn (91.2 KB)

What do you need to know?

Here some links:

Hope this will help

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How they works, levels etc. Thank you for links. I will read!

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ohh **** here we go again … sorry that i involved you in this topic … I was testing improvement this script when i saw two things. First, i must use node “if” carefully because sometimes it crush processes (like placing openings in wrong place). Second, i realized that script have different order and place diameter to wrong openings. Becouse of that openings have the wrong diameter (i change openings to round). Do you had similar problem? I tried by using some sorting nodes but without any solution. Below my script with update files.

1.2v.dyn (124.8 KB)

Hi, no problem :slight_smile:

Can you answer the next questions:

  • Which parameter do you need to change in the familyinstance (you changed the family to a round opening)?
  • Which familyinstance do you want to place? Is it inside the project you send?