Wall heat map

Has anyone attempted to apply a heat map on a wall? I’m working with boundary reinforcing and would like to show areas on the wall where MEP can not penetrate. I’m unsure if anyone has any experience doing this or if this might be achieved by using an image that can be refreshed. If this isn’t achievable through Dynamo maybe it’s possible through the API.

If you’ve done this or have a thought on how this might be done please let me know.
thank you.

Danny, I have no idea what these “heat maps” are. I am sure there are more people like me. I would suggest that you post some more specific details. Images and examples are also a good idea.

Hi Danny, As Konrad mentioned some examples of what you want to obtain is good practice. However, as I read your post I come to think of the PointAnalysisDisplay nodes in Dynamo. This allows you to produce “Heatmaps” in a Revit view of any data that you can connect to a point in the model. The resulting display of the heatmap can be adjusted in Revit and gets stored in the Revit file. Now the difficult part is to make the checking algorithm that provides you with the data about where MEP can’t make an opening… :slight_smile:

Here is just a quick example with two attractor points on one face:

And result in Revit:


Hi Jostein,

Yes, something similar to the PointAnalysisDisplay. I think I will give this a try. We have an analysis software that we are hoping to pull the information and feed into Dynamo.

Very sorry Konrad, I should have had a better explanation. Here is a little better explanation. In our structural model we are not modeling reinforcing, however, we have cages of reinforcing in the corner and around the openings. We’d like to show MEP where they can run their system without interfering with the structure. I was looking for something I might be able to apply onto a wall surface that could give them a zone where then can make opening and where the shouldn’t make penetrations.

Hi Danny,

Did you come up with a solution for this?

We are trying to develop the same idea. It works for beams without Dynamo (split face in the beam family) but when it comes to walls I think that the FaceSplitter or SplitFace are not exposed.

It would be very useful to know your thoughts on this.

Thank you

One project we built a thin wall that covers the boundary zone, however, I don’t like it because we have to edit it every time.
The contractor really liked this workflow. The zones quickly show where MEP or architecture can have openings.
I would like to develop something through Dynamo to show the boundary zones areas. I haven’t had the chance to take a look at this again but I will soon. I have been assigned 2 high-rise building and both will want us a coordination system like this.

Thank you Danny.

For beams we decided to split the faces in the Family and use an instance parameter to control the extend of each zone.

For walls and columns we are looking at the Point Analysis Display as shown by Jostein. The main drawbacks are that this works only when there are generic rules valid for all the walls/columns and that once you close the model the display information disappear.