Wall from Curtain Panels

I am trying to create walls from curtain panels. We are working on a prefabricated facade where we have designed the facade with curtain panels with the windows positioned at different locations within the panels. I created a graph that can read all of the panels, remove the windows and create the panel geometry. I then used direct shape to create the walls in Revit. This worked great. The problem is our contractors tool for creating the framing cannot read the direct shape walls so I need to create the panels as real Revit walls. I have tried for a few days with out success to get this to work. Has anyone tried something similar.

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First of all, your print has no node information. Try to zoom in before capturing the snap.

Is it necessary to create separated walls through dynamo? Can’t you just change the panels to actual wall types and maintain them at attached to the curtain wall grid?

I am trying to avoid wall in the curtain wall with hosted windows so I can standardize the system. It is importnat that we have control over the placement of the windows and the sizes used. We are using Dynamo to update the wall geometry every time we change the design. this is also a prototype for a larger project. All of the panels have a unique id that also needs to be passed onto the walls that are created from the curtain panels.