Wall Face

Hii everyone,
Which node which package can use for pick the wall for paint.

You mean like select face? There’s OOTB node for it.

Thanks @AlexanderBerg I want to get face from wall element

Soooo this solves your issue? Or am I missing something?

If it solves please choose the solution as topic is sorted as solved.

Nooo this node I know. What I exactly expect I have number of rooms which having wall faces so how get the faces insdeed of picking one by one.

Wall’s have two faces, so you need to be specific. Anyway with this you can select all faces in active view or the whole project. If you need to select only specific faces and not all, then you can filter them before extracting faces. If you want to get only walls that surround specific rooms, then you can look here for example or search the forum.


You could use the Compound Surfaces References node to collect the interior (or exterior) surfaces of your walls.


@Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks