Room bounding elements wall head

When I use the Room.Boundaries node, dynamo retrieves all the room bounding walls, exept for the one pointed at in red. It’s set as room bounding, but perhaps because it’s just the head, the node doesn’t recognize it. This might be more of a Revit issue than Dynamo, but maybe someone could figure this one out?

I’m guessing this is related to how Revit determines wall boundaries as well as joins. The boundary isn’t necessarily defined by the face of the geometry. What’s the issue with this wall not being included?

Hi Nick,
I’m using the walls to see where they intersect with the room polysurface. Several types of walls within the same room need a different plaster finishing. With the intersection I can get all surfaces for the different finishings. The attached example is not a good one because these are, apart from the excluded wall, all the same wall type, but you catch my drift. In this example however I have no intersection with the excluded wall and the room polysurface, so no measurement.

That makes sense. Are you sure the walls would join like that though? The one wall intersects the continuous face instead of butting up against the back? The wall joins will have to be correct to get any useful information out of a graph like this.

If everything is modeled correctly then you’ll likely have to compare all wall geometries against the rooms to get the actual face boundaries.

@hbo ,
see attached dyn. We can find Null boundary lines. And than find corresponding walls.
For big projects we can split objects lists by elevation, to minimize unnecessary calculations.
Walls_Nulls.dyn (37.4 KB)

Thanks, Vladimir, I guess this could work. However, this means I will have to get all walls from the entire project to see which one intersects with the null boundaries from the rooms I’ve chosen. I’m guessing this will be a huge calculation considering the amount of rooms and walls. Can’t splits them up per level, since my room types are an several floors, but, I’m trying it out today!

Hi Nick,
Yes, the walls indeed join like this - the thicker walls are mostly structural. Been learning a lot from this graph - all wall joins for instance need to be miter to get the correct faces. (However, the solution to my initial problem might also make this issue redundant.)

Report your calculation time to us, please. I’ll think, how to speed it up.

you can use boundingbox intersect to get several walls with the null boundaries first, and then check the distance among them. This can minimize the running speed.

Boundingbox is exactly what this graph needed.
Getting the surfaces for the different walls from 193 rooms takes 2min. I can live with that.
Thanks guys!

Can you show your dynamo file, please? Do you think it will work for non rectanlge rooms?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t?
Room finishings.dyn (148.2 KB)
Feedback always welcome!

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of course boundingbox works only rectangle, what I mean is to minimize the searching area.
you need to apply a quick filter first, and then minimize your search further bit by bit.

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