Find surrounding walls for a room

When using the ‘Tool.getsurroundingelements’ node I get for some walls multiple rooms.

However in Revit there is no link between them.

Any suggestions how to find the room for walls?

Room.Boundaries might be a better solution here. Clockwork package I believe.

Using Room.Boundaries I’ll find indeed a correct link between rooms and walls, but I have no idea how to continu this script to send information from the room to the ‘linked’ wall.

In the picture above you’ll see that wall on rule 0 intersect with room on rule 0 and not with the room on rule 1.
But I don’t know how to continu this script to send for example the room number to the intersecting walls.

I don’t think understand the overall goal here as the title of the thread was ‘get surrounding walls’.

You want to link the walls to the adjacent room by a parameter value, so why not use the list of the walls which are included in the room, and write the corresponding parameters there?

Why don‘t you use the „elements“ output of the Room.Boundaries node? That will give you the room bounding walls of each room.

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As always @Andreas_Dieckmann says what I was thinking but in a more clear way!