Wall creation method

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I tried automating and with little help managed to do that. Refer: http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/automating-wall-tiles/

I observed it created walls using default wall centreline method and because of that there is an overlap between existing wall and wall finishes(jpg attached). Now my question is it possible to pick a different wall location line(finish faces) while creating these automated wallsOVERLAPPING? Thanks

Hi, this has already been discussed in detail here:


To sum it up, Revit can create walls only by centreline. Therefore to have any effect over the location of the newly created walls, we need to offset the curves in advance.

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Hello, i have create a custom node on my [Hot Gear] package you can try it,

call [Create Wall by Floor Boundaries] and [Create Wall by Room Boundaries],

the node basic on the offset solution in that post. (find the right direction by measure the length, no python need.)

11-3-2015 4-37-52 PM

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Hi Johnes,

“Create wall by Room Boundaries” goes missing from your package can you please update it on your package. Thanks!


@Dimitar Thanks, I followed your links and was able to get the desired result. thanks a lot.

@Johnes I tried installing Hot Gear package but it prompted me to uninstall Clockwork and LunchBox packages so I avoided installing, is it normal?


It’s because it has a dependency on a older version of Clockwork and Lunchbox. It’s really annoying and a known limitation of Package Manager. I suggest you go on GitHub page for Dynamo and add this to the issues list.


Is that mean if i renew the node with the current version of those package <span style=“font-weight: 300;”>will be fine of Package Manager?</span> However you can still download a rar of the package by the web of


then extract the package to your Package Paths.