Generic model hosted wall

How can I create generic model that is hosted to walls? I create some instance of family with family instance.ByPointAndLevel but that is not show in project but exist…I need to set a ID host …but with set parameter by name doesnt work…Any Idea how do that?

Can you please post what you have done so people can look at what you have and any errors you might be getting.

I want add generic model hosted to wall around the one room - inside.
first I created middle point of all curves lines that make boundary of room.

then I used spring node host

How can I control side of wall where to host?

generated outside of the room :frowning:


i think
fiala is trying to place walbased or face based genericmodels (tiles) on a wall see also his other topic


Sorry, don’t have much time right now and I’m not the only one, that’s why it’s generally required to be as specific as possible…

Now I have this one…that insert wallbased generic model to project…
first I created center point in all walls and then add generic model…

but it insert generic model outside of room.and to corner …not to center as the point - as picture up my post.
generator tiles1.dyn (13.7 KB)

use room.boundaries from archi-lab instead (sorry i have to go know)

My knowledge with springs.hostedinstance by points …

  1. it’s not important where is the point position
  2. the wallbased generic model is hosted to wall on the side where is wall vector normal(normalized)…Its important if wall is created from left to right or right to left(up to down, down to up)…
  3. you can wallbased generic model fliped with flip node …but work only if you have in family flip arrows