Location of wall's center of corecenter line

Hi everyone,
I’m finding way to get location of wall’ s corecenter line.
Doesn’t Dynamo have node for it?

Thank you.

Hi @Ke2king,

You can retrieve the location of the CoreCenter Line like this :

I think the Get Wall Layer Location Lines of Bakery package can also be found here :

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@Ke2king, or you can try this;

import clr

# for geometry conversion
import Revit
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

# wall input
walls = IN[0]

# make list
if isinstance(walls,list):
	walls = UnwrapElement(walls)
	walls = UnwrapElement([walls])

centerLines = []

# loop wall
for wall in walls:
	# collect center line
OUT = centerLines


The reuslt of your script is identical to the Element.GetLocation node.
I’m not sure that’s what OP is looking for.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks mate , good to know OOTB has a node for that.

Hi @Ke2king ,
I would suggest something similar to what Alban said, minus the bakery node. I’ve had several instances of it not actualy returning the correct exterior/interior core lines.


Thank you for your cooperation.

That’s what i wanna do.
But can you check the following?

I think that Get Wall Layer Location Lines isn’t correct.
I don’t know why it is different after copying from the Bakery node.
After copying it’s correct.



Thank you for your help.
And it’s solution.

Thank you again.

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Thank you everyone!!:slight_smile:

any chance to report those to shared parameters?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question exactly.
However, you may be able to use “Element.SetParameterByName” node.