So i have already looked at a few other post on this topic and thought what this node would work for me,
when the workflow is run i see only an empty list.

My aim is to to produce an automated formwork wall on the vertical sides of the pile caps already modeled in revit.

to me it is not obvious where i have gone wrong. Any help apppreciated, thanks

You should switch to the new built-in node for creating wall by face - I think it’s in any of the 1.2.x builds. I will retire the Clockwork node pretty soon.

Ah, and looking at your graph, I think the issue is that you need to pick the face of a mass, not a structural foundation. Limitation of the Revit API, unfortunately.

This is a possible option too.

###Although you will have to adapt to offset the wall from the foundations.

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i am currently running dynamo 1.2.1, what is this built in create wall by face node called. i cannot locate it.

It’s in a daily build. 1.2.3.

This Clock can realy create face wall.