Wall.byface failed

I’m not getting why Wall.ByFace is returning null.


I think Wall by face only accepts Mass faces as input.

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i have imported this geometry as mass in revit

can you try the Clockwork 2.x version of Wall.byFace?


@m.rijsmus is right. Wall by Face method requires the face of a mass or generic model element. The surface may be a surface but the host is just as important. Dynamo still has to follow the same rules as Revit.

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It doesn’t work like that.

okay i got it. maybe i should work with curves instead of surfaces.

i’ll check if it works.

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I’m trying to do the same thing as I want to use Mass objects for space planning and then convert them into walls.
My wall by face node is saying I should be using Mass faces.
Is there a way to select Mass faces rather than get a surfaces list from the mass objects?

Use “Select Faces” node.

Could you drop here rvt file. It will help others who’s trying to help you.

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