About Wall.ByCurveAndHeight

I face a problem concerning this node:
Trying to create walls from an excel sheet.
level structure is wrong.
Any idea ?

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Hi Rabehi,

@sir75 Could you show complete screenshot of your graph with errors expanded.

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Hi Kulkul
thank you for your answer.
The error message is :slight_smile:one or more of the input types do not match.
Unable to find a version of ByCurveAndHeight who accept such arguments (_array, int, _array, _array)

it’s due to the “level” input which does not match the expected value
the node expects a value of this type:

@sir75 could please you drop complete screenshot of your graph. You provided part by part. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it is better to load the entire script

CreateWallsFromExcel-2.dyn (35.8 KB)