Wall bounding the room to North,East,West ,south....!


How do I filter walls that bound the room to the NEWS I have filtered the bounding walls with archi-lab package now I have the rooms and corresponding boundaries, wondering how to sort them by orientation with respect to corresponding room…!

I also came across a node in Rhythm package except that it checks the orientation of wall with respect to the project north (I guess), whereas I am looking for the same with respect the room location point.
to generate the wall finish schedule.


Please send a screenshot of your graph to help make your request understandable


Iam looking for a node like this…!


@saju_autodesk This will get you started. Custom nodes are from clockwork package.


Last custom node is not from Clockwork package.


@Andreas_Dieckmann Yep! Its from Rhythm :slight_smile:


This Node seems to collect wall by project directions, I am looking a node to collect it by which direction the wall is placed on room…!

the node says the hihglighted wall is on the south( because it is parallel to south)

But it is on the North with respect to the room

Iam looking for a node that can do thr same w/r to room…! how should i proceed this??

Property lines, filter to create diferent set back distances

That is a pretty old node and may be outputting errors when the project location varies.

Expand the custom node and take a look at my logic. I am simply grouping by some given values. I can also try to revise when I have some time.


I believe your problem was with your list structuring between your walls and your room elements… The Archi-lab Room.Boundaries node will give you a list of curves and wall elements grouped by your input rooms, so then the vectors will be grouped and evaluated in the Wall.NorthSouthEastWest node by room:

The sublists are for each room; note that there are wall elements (ids) that appear in both North & South because they are in respect to the room.