WaitFor multiple actions (apply view templates)

I’m trying to export multiple sheets with multiple different views (primary views, sub views, floorplans, elevations, sections,…) AFTER applying different templates to all those different views.
For some reason the DWG-file is written before all the new view templates are applied, even though I’m using a WaitFor node…
I basically want to wait for multiple actions (applying all the different view templates), but it just doesn’t wait…
The apply view template is working with all the different views (i can see it in my revit-file), but the dwg-export is executed before the application of the templates is done… Any suggestions?
If there is a simpler way to apply the view templates, all input is welcome.

Can you upload the DYN? Trying to figure out what is going on in such a large graph is hard with a screencapture.

@Tom_Kunsman here you go:
Sheets to DWG and apply template.dyn (99.2 KB)

@Tom_Kunsman I still had no luck figuring this out…

Try using “Passthrough” from the Clockwork package instead of the “DataStream.Await”. I believe that the “await” step does not have the proper paths, like ones leading into your final group (Export to DWG).

@cftrevizo that also didn’t work…
export to DWG is still not waiting…

Hello Laura,

When you do something to Revit it commits a transaction (i.e the things you can undo with Ctrl + Z) - Dynamo lives within the idle transaction thread of Revit and bundles all the work you do up into one transaction per run.

However, pending on the graph in question, you may need to force end and force start a new transaction.

I don’t have a good test project to play with, so haven’t been able to test this, but please try the following amendment to your graph (I’ve put in the nodes and colourised them appropriately):

Sheets to DWG and apply template.dyn (103.9 KB)

If this doesn’t work - then play with combinations of Transaction.End and Transaction.Start in your graph.

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Yes, this worked! Thanks so much!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it :blush:

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