Export all Revit views to Single DWG File

Dear everybody!Can you for me solution! Export all Revit views to Single DWG File by dynamo

Are you looking to get all the revit sheets to one cad file with all the sheet layouts in it?

This could inspire you to build your first attempt:

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Yes i really need it.Can you help me!

Sorry to insist but it is required to show what you have tried before asking for help. Please read the forum guidelines carefully if you did not already:

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Very thank you for helping me understand more about the forum! Since I am a new member, I do not understand the rules of the forum, so please understand and I will do better next time.

No problem, please send your attempts (use Drive, Dropbox or similar if you can’t upload files yet)

Dear Kulkul, and this is the manual way of revit that you have done and I want the dynamo application to look for the solution solution time.Please see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HCF7TBZtcQ&index=9&list=UU6RaZn76MfjJn2JS-ajIrhA

The question is so clear in the title and is there any solution for it? For revit except dynmo or sth. ?