Export multiple views from Revit to create a single dwg file

Hi everyone.
Please is there a means to use dynamo to export multiple views in Revit into a single AutoCAD file. The reason is that I want to export all my (Working Drawings) sheets in Revit into AutoCAD as combined dwg file for a client without getting the sheets as separate dwg files.
Please I’m humbly counting on your usual corporation.
Thank you.

You can do it by Dynamo. First: collect all selected view into one sheet (just duplicate). Then, export sheet to AutoCAD

SpringsNodes, Clockwork

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Thank you everyone for your contribution to my challenge. I really appreciate your response. However, I’m very sorry for replying after so many day. I had a phone problem. Thanks once again

Thank you @c4r140, I really appreciate your contribution. However I’m sorry for replying very late