Wait for begins the next block

Hi all,

i have 2 blocks in Dynamo, the first one is to write a value to a parameter. The second exports a schedule to Excel. First the first block should be executed, once this is finished, only the second.
I have tried it with the “Passthrough”, unfortunately does not work…

Does anyone have a tip for me

How have you used passThrough?

Did you ‘waitFor’ the element and then ‘passThrough’ the data into the excel block?

How are you connecting the Passthrough node? You need to make sure that the next section of your graph won’t run until it has the passThrough value.

You may want to do some more research on how a wait or passthrough node works as they can be a little confusing for some users. Here’s a post that may help:

Hi Alien, Nick_Boyts,

thanks for your advices, but i don’t know how i connect the indivualy blocks, with the Passthrough node, so that he works?


You could just translate the export to excel node to python and tell the python node to run only if it has an input. This input are the elements from the set parameter by name and value node.

The translation can be found in my post here:

Basically you connect the wait input to the final output of your first function and connect the passthrough input to the first input of your second function. The idea is that the second section of your graph can’t run until it has all its inputs. One of those inputs is coming from the passthrough node and therefore won’t get passed on until the final output of the previous section has also been passed on.

A visual aid of what @Nick_Boyts is describing.

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