Passthrough after Element.SetParameterByName and a Schedule Problem


I am a long-time grasshopper user that tries his luck with dynamo.
I have a small problem - I develop a script where I want to:

  1. Get a specific schedule (that will be later used to generate an excel file)
  2. Set Parameter Values for 1 parameter in all instances that are placed in mentioned schedule
  3. Write Schedule data to Excel.

As everything works (almost) fine - I have one problem. When i Set Parameter Values (step 2). The schedule (from step 1) takes a while to update (Revit file says: Regenerating - together with a progress bar in left-down corner). As file is pretty large it takes about 30 seconds to complete.

In the meantime - Write to Excel is already executed (as it takes data straight from schedule from step 1) - with old values placed in Parameter that I am trying to change.
Of course - When i re-run the script when ‘regenerating’ is finished, the corresponding values are finally updated in *.xsl file, but that is pretty frustrating.
I tried doing that with Passthrough node but it didn’t work unfortunately - values are passed BEFORE they are re-written into a schedule (so old values are used)

Does anyone have an idea how to make ExcelWrite component to wait for schedule to be updated?

Thanks, have a good one.

A pass through is the way forward - can you share your graph or an image thereof so we can be sure you have it in the right place?