Voronoi pattern

Hi all,

I’m interested in voronoi tesellation, but I cannot figure how to do it. I found some images in google images that show some solutions with a box called “Voronoi on Face” and ConvexHull.

Can anyone explain me how to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.

look at sample file provided with Dynamo.

Thank you Julien. I didn’t know there was such a compilation of examples inside Dynamo.



I am an expert user of GenerativeComponents™ and that is the reason why I don´t find solutions. I’m trying to find them in the wrong place :smiley:

I know that if I want to get the geometry I have inside Dynamo into Vasari/Revit I have to user “Reference entity” so I need to know what type if entity is the resulting voronoi in order to use the proper reference box. How do I know that? How do I get the voronoi into vasari?

Rafael, in as few words as possible:

  • Open a new conceptual mass in Revit
  • Create a form (either using the UI or in Dynamo)
  • In Dynamo, go to Help > Samples > 16 Tesselation > tesselation
  • Select the face you want to process
  • Connect a Watch node to the output port of Voronoi on Face
  • Hit Run
  • In the Watch node you will see that you get a list of (geometric) lines (only visible in Dynamo)
  • Connect the Model Curve node to the Voronoi node and hit Run again - that will create model lines in Revit
  • Alternatively, you could evaluate the lines' start and end point (using Evaluate Curve node) and get a list of XYZs that you could then use to place adaptive components (using Adative Component by XYZs)
Hope this will get you started.

BTW: You might need to right click on the Watch 3D node and select Zoom To Fit in order to see a preview in Dynamo.

Thanks. I thing that I am getting it :smiley: