Patch Surface onto a Voronoi Structure [Problem]

hi guys,

I am working on this Voronoi design space, and I have the model almost finished in Revit. But I decided that I want to add some translucent panels onto some of the openings of the Voronoi structure part, for situations that require some degrees of privacy.
Since the surface is apparently not on the same plane, I don’t know if there is a quick way to do this in Revit.
I think dynamo might be able to do this, but I’m stuck right here…
you guys know how to do it?
Plz help me if you know how :slight_smile:

appreciate it.


@moffick A possible Dynamo workflow could be …

  • Create sub lists containing vertices of each panel
  • Group sub lists based on number of vertices
  • Associate adaptive components with groups (3 point AC with groups containing three vertices, 4 with 4 and so on)
  • Change material of panels that need to be translucent

Possible, as outlined above. But, each step would require substantial work.
If you’re timelines are tight and you aren’t very familiar with Dynamo, continuing with just Revit might be quicker.